Advanjet Jetting Valve

Graco Advanjet: The global leader and inventor of diaphragm jet technology


Easiest To Maintain

Significantly reduce downtime with only minutes to clean

  • Only 2 moving parts are in contact with the fluid
    • Conventional jets have up to 8 parts that require cleaning
  • Keep the jet attached to the robot
  • No calibration time required when installing the diaphragm and nozzle plate
  • No intricate (& expensive) cartridge disassembly

Unmatched Overall Performance

Achieve a wide process window and production throughput

  • Speed – Continuous jetting up to 300Hz with no additional cooling units required
  • Consistency: repeatable drops and lines with the highest quality and consistency
  • High-process capability: simple jet velocity adjustments reduce accumulation of “stringy” fluids
  • Ruggedness: tested and proven to last in the toughest environments

Low Cost of Ownership

Diaphragm jet design delivers functionality and simplicity

  • Industry leading lowest running cost per million cycles of the jet
  • Only two moving parts – tested for performance up to 500M cycles
  • Completely maintained and repaired onsite
    • At a fraction of the cost of a piezo jet actuator

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Conductive Adhesive

Hot Melt Adhesive & PUR

Light/UV Cure





  • Fast and accurate fluid dispense
  • High weight accuracy for small dispense volumes <100ug
  • Compatible with a wide variety of fluids >400,000 cPs
  • Easy clean & setup enabling high productivity with limited training
  • Low cost of ownership for production and maintenance

HV-2000 Jet

  • Up to 300 (500 burst) drops/sec
  • Volumes as low as 2nl
  • No sliding seals to wear or leak
  • Replaceable diaphragm & nozzle inserts
  • Adjustable jet velocity
  • Integrated nozzle heater

HV-9000 Jet

  • Solenoid has a built in peak and hold circuit.
  • Circuitry is compatible with 24V standard PLC controllers
  • Integrators utilize standard heater controllers.
  • Plug-and-Play with many inline platforms

HM-2500 Hot Melt Jet

  • Designed to apply “Hot Melt” materials at speeds up to 250Hz
  • Line widths down to 350um
  • Melt temperature up to 150C
  • Jet temperature up to 150C