Automatic Dispense Valves

Automatic valves with ball needle/seat design or snuff-back design

Graco’s Automatic Dispense Valves are available in a variety of sizes and pressure ranges to fit your application requirements.

Typical applications

  • Structural bonding
  • Anti-flutter mastic
  • Glass bonding
  • Interior/exterior seam sealing
  • Underbody/rocker spray coating
  • Robot or pedestal mount


  • Automatic valves use ball needle/seat design or snuff-back design
  • Snuff-back valves prevent dripping by pulling material back into tip
  • Double acting valves ensure fast cycling and positive shut-off
  • Spring-close valves will shut if air pressure is lost

Automatic Metering Values

Maximum fluid working pressure
3200 psi
Minimum fluid working pressure
50 psi
Minimum air supply pressure
80 psi
Viscosity range
3000 to 1 million centipoise
Shot size range
0.2 to 4.0 cc
Shot cycle rate
15 shots per minute, at 4.0 cc shot size with moderate viscosity fluid
Air supply inlet
1/8 npt(f)
Fluid inlet
1/4 npt(f)
Fluid outlet
C02021, C02022, C02026, and C02027:1/8 npt(f)

C02025 and C02078:1/4 npt(f)

Mounting hole
7/16–20 unf–2B
Air-operated, spring return
Wetted parts
Fluoroelastomer o-rings
1.43 lb