Fuel Master System

The FuelMaster® System from Bagley Enterprises takes the guess work and frustration out of selecting and maintaining a vehicle fueling system. Bagley Enterprises realizes that end users require additional products and services in order to have a fully operational and safe fueling system.


With FuelMaster® you also receive dispensers that are weights and measures approved, electronic overfill indication, and leak detection. Consult Bagley Enterprises for dispensers compatible with ethanol blend gasoline greater than E10.


**Available in different sizes.



Standard Features:

  • Complete AGT System
  • UL 2085 Listed Tank
  • UL Listed Components
  • Extensive limited warranty
  • One Price Approach
  • Standard Products
  • Electronic Overfill / Leak Detection
  • Weights & Measures Approved Dispenser


  • Single-source accountability & convenience
  • Easy to specify, bid, test and install
  • Eliminates missing components
  • UL listed as Insulated, Protected Secondary Containment Tank
  • Most comprehensive limited warranty in the industry
  • Continuous fail-safe monitoring


  • Inventory Management System
  • Compartment Tanks
  • FIBERVAULT® Exterior Coatings
  • Phase I & II Vapor Recovery Packages
  • Start-Up Inspection Service
  • Annual Maintenance & Service Program