E-Series Pneumatic Pumps

Lubrication Packages

Designed for Reliability

The E-Series pump is a great, minimum cost, entry level alternative to standard pneumatic pump products. This all-in-one pump package comes complete with no assembly required and is easy to install. All pump packages include high-pressure rupture disc assembly and lube outlet check valve. The E-Series offers many reservoir options for either grease or oil. Great for any application where price is a concern and installation time is at a premium.


  • Easy field installation of accessories without disturbing existing plumbing
  • Smart pump design with few moving parts ensures long-lasting dependability

E-Series Lube Packages

Pump Body Material
Oil or Grease
Output per Stroke
0.030 sq in
Adj Output E Pump
0.010–0.030 sq in
Pump Ratio
Air Pressure
40–150 psi
Air Volume to Operate per Stroke
0.85 sq in
Recommended Lube Pressure (Max)
2000 psi
Rupture Disc High Pressure Protection
1750 psi
Cycle Rate (Max) High Pressure Protection
10 cpm (Grease), 30 cpm (Light Oil)
Reservoir Material
Plastic and Steel
Oil Reservoir Capacity
4–20 pints
Grease Reservoir Capacity
3–20 lb
Oil Low Level Switch
10 Watts at 120 VAC (Resistive), 1/4 amp SPST, or 15 Watts, 120 VAC (Resistive, 1/2 amp SPDT
Grease Low Level Switch
SPDT, 15 amps at 120, 240 and 480 VAC, 1/2 amp at 120 VDC, or 1/4 amp at 240 VDC
Mounting Screw Torque Rectangular Plastic Oil Reservoir
20 in lb
Mounting Screw Torque Cylindrical Reservoir
8–11 ft lb